Production Spotlight: Paola Trulin, Director of Photography


By Michael Smith

Rather it be a small production or a big production, behind it is a team of creatives with one collective goal: to tell a story. Encompassing a production and creative team from around the world, Let Me Breathe is no different. After sustaining a last-minute change in the production schedule that could have jeopardized production, Paola Trulin’s role had already been a very integral part of the director’s vision for Let Me Breathe. “I wanted to make sure we had a strong female DP help us tell this story,” said Director, Donald Roman Lopez (IMDB). “I worked with Paola in the past, and I knew she had what it took to shoot the short. I was really excited to collaborate with her again.” (Read:The Movie Magic Behind Let Me Breathe Here)

Paola Trulin in action on the set of Let Me Breathe, the short

Paola Trulin in action on the set of Let Me Breathe, the short

Everyone in life at some point goes on a search for their “thing,” the thing that they do to express themselves fully. “Photography has become an extension of who I am and how I see the world,” says Paola Trulin, a native of Tijuana, who studied film in the states and has worked on numerous film projects, as well as spots for Universal Pictures and BET Networks, and unscripted TV for various networks (IMDB). On Let Me Breathe, Paola was always making sure she was supporting the director’s vision, even when that vision was put to the test during production. One frame at a time, she helped implement what was in the director’s mind like a painter tells a story with each stroke of her brush on a commissioned work. Paola was so committed to the project that she not only contributed her talent she also went out of her way to facilitate camera equipment for the production, which earned her and her partner, Vallo de la Fe, Co-Producer credits on the Short.

Unintentionally, Paola had one more contribution to the Let Me Breathe short. While visiting her website, the director discovered a music video that Paola had directed and filmed, Emma Cole’s, Is This But A Dream, a heart-wrenching song with a haunting melody. Paola’s work was stunning as she had allowed the artist to simply be captured on camera while she surrenders to the emotion in her lyrics. Today, Is This But A Dream, by Emma Cole is the song that washes over the audience while the end credits roll.

Watch Emma Cole’s Is This But A Dream, shot by Paola Trulin

Paola’s work on Let Me Breathe has recently been recognized as the short took away four awards, including Best Cinematography at its first film festival competition, the Miami FearFest. “I have no doubt Paola has amazing things awaiting her. I’m happy and deeply grateful that we get to play and collaborate as artists,” concludes director, Donald Roman Lopez.

To learn more about Paola Trulin, visit her website at: Let Me Breathe is a short film directed by Donald Roman Lopez starring Danielle Hoetmer (IMDB), Marlon Moreno (IMDB), and Megan Hackett (IMDB).

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